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e-Zone Commodities Market Pvt. Ltd. is instituted with an aim to provide enhanced services to online commodity trading. We offer services of market making in futures market and give best service to get succeed in this business. We are one of the leading investment management firms dedicated to establish good relationship with clients leveraging adequate resources with the sound base and high credibility in the capital market. e-Zone Commodity Market has dedicated and rigorous to deliver the best services to client.[...]

Trading in Nepal

The commodities futures market in an organized way is relatively new in Nepal, but trading is done in the same way that it is done all over the world. Here in Nepal, there are a few government authorized exchanges to facilitate the trade, and among them Nepal Derivative Exchange (NDEX) whose office is located in Tinkune, Kathmandu. This Exchange has several clearing and non clearing members, each of which has a number of brokers. e-Zone Commodities Market Pvt. Ltd is One of its best and well known Trading Member located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

The trade in commodity futures, one is required to register with the exchange through a broker.

To register as a trader one is required to open an account Nepal Investment Bank and submit a statement of account along with a photocopy of his /her citizenship certificate. Upon approval of application by the exchange the applicant will be a issued with a segregate account number where he/she will transfer the required fund. After the transfer of fund he/she will be provide trading software at a certain price and password.[...]


You can make profit both ways:

The beauty of this trade is that whether the market is bullish or bearish, the trader can make money both ways. This is because you can buy first and then sell later, or sell first and then buy later. If the trader expects the price rise at a certain time in the future, then buy later. 

If the trader expects the price to rise at a certain time in the future, then he will buy. This is called a long buy. If the price goes up as expected then he will sell a profit. However, if he thinks that the price will fall to a certain level at a certain time in the future, then he can sell first. This is called a short sell. If the price falls down as expected then he will buy at a profit. This is reverse trading which can be done only in the futures market.

How Much Profit:

Item Amount Charge Profit/Loss Per $ **
GoldSmall 100gram 15000/- 240/-
GoldMini 500gram 45000/- 1200/-
Gold 1Kg 75000/- 2400/-

** Profit/Loss may changed on each new contract by small fraction due to dollar strength.. [...]